Agriturismo Casetta | ABOUT US
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our history

Azienda Agricola and Agriturismo Casetta of the Baisi family has existed since 2000, but for a long time the land that hosts our cultures and our animals is our property. Our family has been cultivating these lands since 1600 and has subsequently purchased them, in 1760, from the Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Dukes of Tuscany who ruled in the name of the Emperor of Austria. Our intent is to consolidate the relationship between agriculture and tourism, in which the farm will be a fundamental tool in making our agricultural activity a priority. The choice to stay with us will be more and more linked to the desire to know and live experiences in a farm among its productions and in the middle of the nature that characterizes it.
It all started
in the year
Purchase from
Birth of
Towards a

Our crops

We produce and sell spelt, medicinal plants such as lavender and olive oil harvested directly from us in our land. Our next objective will be the Biological certification and the transformation of the aromatic and medicinal plants that we are experimenting in our lands. The feed of our farms is obtained directly from our work in the fields.

I nostri animali

We are developing a semi-wild cattle breeding of Limousines and we enjoy the possibility of obtaining a large part of our diet directly through our farms of hens and low court animals. Our farms have large pastures and the animals are respected.

The Farm

We are very fond of these places that we consider beautiful and rich in warmth.
We decided to make those who love the farm enjoy these beauties, this serenity and generosity. The same affection that we have preserved for our land we want to reserve for those who decide to stay there and maybe to know and participate in our activities